Saturday, January 15, 2005

WhEn E wOrLd SeEmS 2 B aGaInSt U.
wHeN pPl SeEm 2 sCoRn U.
wHeN e WiNd SeEmS 2 B bLoWiN aGaInSt E gRaDiEnT u WaLk.
RmBr TiS:
GOD lUvS u!!

lovinnyuu-11:12 AM

Sunday, January 02, 2005

hey ppl.
2dae went 2 bishan.
wif my cousin.
although its rainin.
den saw my frenz.
went 2 buy badge wif my cousin.
n tk 3 machines de neoprint,
wif my cousin.
we spent $14 on neoprint.
goin 2 sch reopens liao.
sian n happy.
cos can c my frenz,
n need 2 prepare 4 'n' level liao le.
cos tis yr is sec 4na ma.
gtg liao le.
c ya.

lovinnyuu-6:20 PM


hey ppl.
went 2 my cousin's weddin dinner 2dae.
held at conrad hotel.
hav 2 wait sum time b4 we r allow 2 go in 2 e ballroom.
very cold.
but saw,
james lye and wong li lin.
very shocked.
den e food was nice.
tok alot wif my cousin oso.
bt was damn bored.
den end up smsin alot.
gtta go 2 slp liao le.
c ya.

lovinnyuu-1:00 AM

Friday, December 31, 2004

hey ppl.
went orchard 2dae wif my mum.
went out at 11am,
n reach hm at 5pm.
acc my mum went og 2 buy her clothes,
skirt n shoe.
cos tmr i'm goin 2 hav weddin dinner.
goin 2 sian oreadi liao le.
cos another 2 daes goin 2 sch reopens liao le.
excludin of 2dae la.
went hereen 2 buy a pair of long ear rings wif star pattern de.
quite nice lor.
muz pierce 1 or 2 more ear holes,
den wear le cai hui nice.
gtta end liao le.
cos wanna tk a nap.
update tmr again ba.
c ya ppl.

lovinnyuu-5:30 PM

Thursday, December 30, 2004

each of us is an angel wif 1 wing.
e only way we can fly is 2 hold on2 each other,
n share our wings.
if u eva hav trouble flyin,
let me noe.
i'l share mine wif u.
happy new 2005 yr!!

lovinnyuu-2:35 PM

Wednesday, December 29, 2004

hey guyz.
i'm here again.
was so tired 2dae.
went 2 orchard at 11.45am wif my mum 2dae.
cos gtta meet my elder sis at orchard mrt at 12.30pm ma.
den we hav our lunch at 1plus.
at taka de jap food lor.
den start shoppin frm taka at 2plus.
bought a baby eeyore at taka oso.
den went on shoppin at taka,
cineleisure n centre point.
wanna buy a long ear ring at hereen de.
bt den 4gt 2 buy.
goin orchard again mayb tmr or fri.
if nt,
den go orchard durin my bdae at jan lor.
den cai zai go buy e pair of ear ring i wanna.
is a star shape pattern lai de.
saw a bag at cineleisure.
bt dunno whether wanna buy anot leiz.
oso saw clothes n skirt at hereen de 77th street.
oso dunno whether wanna buy anot leiz.
mayb i go buy e clothes n skirt i wanna,
instead of e bag liao le ba.
gtta go.
feel abit sply liao le.
wanna slp soon.
update agian tmr or fri nite ba.
c ya ppl.

lovinnyuu-10:30 PM

Monday, December 27, 2004

hey ppl.
update again.
2dae went my jie's hse 2 dye my hair black.
it was realli black.
4 e outcum.
bt den slowly e black colour fade.
bcum red brown again.
luckily it isn't obvious.
s sch goin 2 reopens soon.
sian once again.
den i went sun plaza wif my mum.
2 watch a movie.
cal a world wifout thieves.
i dun quite understand wad e movie is all abt in e and.
my mum oso too.
gtta go liao le.
my show goin 2 start liao le.
update on cumin wed again.
s i'm goin 2...
tk care ppl.

lovinnyuu-10:00 PM

Sunday, December 26, 2004

hey ppl.
i'm back again.
2dae went orchard wif my sistarz n frenz.
den we went 2 pacific plaza 2 shop shop.
den went 2 MANGO shop.
after went 2 fareast plaza.
wander ard.
den we went 2 heeren 2 shop ard.
den back 2 SHAW cinema.
went 2 watch kungfu hastle.
nice n funni.
after tat went 2 e x'mas tree der.
den went 2 mac 2 relax.
after wanna go taka shop.
bt all wanna go hm liao.
all went hm.
so shag,
sian n bored after tat.
den AGAIN,
i'm goin 2 ORCHARD AGAIN on wed.
wif my mum n elder sis.
i went orchard at least 4 times 2 wks.
gtta end liao.
gttin sian liao le.
c ya ppl.

lovinnyuu-9:11 PM


2dae went 2 my cousin n his fiancee's nw hse.
4 christmas n oso celebratin my cousin's bdae.
so bored.
after 2hrs,
went pasir ris.
after tat went 2 orchard.
until 1am lyk tat den cai go hm.
nth 2 do de.
gtta go 2 slp liao le.
tmr 9am stil muz wake up.
cos tmr goin orchard AGAIN!
oh man.
blated MERRY X'MAS ppl.

lovinnyuu-2:00 AM